Thursday, March 25, 2010

The blogspot is created

So this year is the big 50.

To celebrate I have decided to do a birthday challenge. I have witnessed Greg Carter's hulahooping, ramen-noodle eating, climbing etc extravaganzas from the comfort of a poolside chair for the last several years. So now it is my turn.

The theme will be "I might be an old fart but I'm only halfway", because I think it would be cool to live to 100 and I want my telegram from the Queen (although it probably won't be from ERII - who knows if we'll even have a monarchy by then). But I digress.

The first step is to create a blog so that a formal commitment is made. So here it is. The next is to plan the event.

I have had in mind to do this birtday challenge for a while so when Andrew told me he wanted to do the Longhorn Half Ironman and I found out it was on my 50th birthday (Sunday 17th Oct) it was an obvious step to just make the event part of the birthday challenge and do the race with him. A Half Ironman is just half way, and 50 is halfway to 100. Hence my theme.

Other things on the challenge might include rock climbs (I can bail at half height right?!) some Taekwondo (I just do half the total form anyway), playing a tune or two on the violin…... and then there are the eating and drinking challenges (don’t know what those will be yet, but almost certainly potato chips will be part of it (50 packets??? maybe not).

And of course there will be a party, so watch this space.