Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The mower is dead. Well and truly dead. Maybe hubby can resurrect it when he gets back from Colorado. So the lawn, which is now about 18 inches high, has to be strimmed (for the Brits) or weed wacked (for the Americans). I'll do it bit by bit.

This week is a recovery week in the training schedule, which in practice means loads of workouts at a level of about as much as I can do. LOL. Plus I started back at ATA last night with sparring and combat weapons. It is unbelievable how hard a 2-minute round of sparring is. Anyway despite being tired and sore I headed for the pool tonight after work only to was closed. The sign said "Closed due to high chemical content". Whenever I see the word chemical I think of my stepmother - she is a chemist. Her pet peeve is the way people use the word chemical like it is something evil. Everything is made of chemicals. So with regard to the pool sign I wanted to say "What, you mean the pool is too full of water"? But I suppose it was chlorine or whatever. So fate had dealt its hand. I thought "I hurt and need to rest, and here's the break I need without feeling guilty". (I thought about swimming in the lake but as I'm on my own and am really tired I thought it might be foolish"). So I'm writing this drinking a beer instead! Only one though as I have a run in the morning before work and I'll do the swim tomorrow, provided the pool isn't full of chemicals. Sorry Norma!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Full weekend

Have done 4 workouts (2 bike, 1 run, 1 swim) this weekend. Need to mow the lawn tonight and that will probably kill me as it is a foot high after our vacation and all the rain while we were gone. Andrew did 3/4 of it before he left, but you can only go 12ft before the box is full of clippings and the mower, which is old and knackered, clogs up.

New top speed on the bike 31mph :-0

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Disney was great

Back from Disneyworld. A good time was had by all. I swam in the sea twice. Quite hard in the waves. Another 3 seconds has come off the 100yds time (at the first pool workout after getting home). Overall fitness has suffered and weight has gone up but my technique is improving. No more work trips now until Burnet TriHard in Sept. Going to work on the bike while Andrew and Phoebe are in Colorado.