Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Rest

Once over the finish line it was time to grab some food and drinks and get the gear bags. Luckily for me Andrew had got my bike already. We had to sit in the traffic jam for a while to get out of the Expo Center but I took the time to get my brand new birthday present compression socks on. They look naff but they really do work. I then cracked open a pickle juice and a bag of crisps (I should have taken 5 pkts at the food tent while I was at it). I got a pencil and the back of an envelope and started the birding challenge. I had forgotten all about it earlier when I could have got some ducks on the lake. First up was a black vulture.

8 birds later and we were at NXNW. We found some friends inside but decided to snag the tables outside to allow for more folks to show up. We ended up pretty much taking over that area. It was great - close enough to the oompah band to hear them but far enough away to be able to chat with frinds, many of whom I only get to see occasionally. I had a couple of beers and enjoyed the time there. All too soon it was time to roll and get back to Lago for party #2. This would have been the time to have a second pickle juice but I was feeling rather full.

We had to stop to pick up the pizzas on the way home. A few folks were already at the house plus my family so I got outside 5 slices pdq and cracked open another beer. Then it was time to do my slideshow about being a geologist, quickly followed by the lighting of candles on my 5 cupcakes (in the center of the massive tray of 50). 2 cupcakes devoured I had to wash sticky fingers and play my violin. I had a very appreciative audience of 5 and 6 year olds who took to dancing and capering about. The adults listened politely! Then someone asked about car washing and Andrew mentioned push ups. I summarily dismissed those as stupid ideas and did the bedtime story instead. It ws then bedtime for the kids (and me) and I decided I was done.

Next up for me will be Bandera 100K and another bash at Rocky Raccoon 100 miles.

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