Saturday, November 26, 2011

18 miles in the rain and mud

Today I had to ramp up the miles to 18. This will be the longest run I will get in for the 50K. Not long enough really, but it'll have to do. Today was hard because it was very muddy, and the mud balls up on the shoes, you slide around, and feet get wet. So it's like doing the run with ankle weights on. But I did 4hr 23ish, which was at 14.38 average pace. So actually I was quite happy as that's an improvement on the 25K. PLus I don't feel completely beaten up, which is good because the 50K is in 2 weeks. Next weekend will be another taper!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Race

Thinking of switching the A-race from Old Dominion to Kettle Moraine (same weekend). KM is in Wisconsin and has a 30-hour cutoff.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wild Hare 25K

My first race in the trail series leading up to the 100 was disappointing. I made basic errors like going out too fast, then allowing others to push me along despite my best efforts to slow down. The first has to do with optimism: wow I'm feeling great today, if I do this pace I'll get a PR. The second has to do with ego: Would you like to pass me? No - you're setting a great pace. Thinks OK - I'm great at setting a good pace (despite the fact it is still too fast). Thankfully my next race is only 3 weeks away so I will remember this lesson, especially as in a 50K I would really pay for going out too fast.

Then it was humid. I got cramp in my calves, which is very rare for me. I semi-fixed it with electrolyte tablets but should have realized it before it became a problem. To be fair I wasn't the ony one. Quite a few people dropped from the longer races.

So I just hung there for a slow time of 3hr 46min. Just over 15 min/mile pace. This is too slow for just 25K when I'm wanting to do 100 miles. However, the 2 weeks before the race were really bad for race prep (work and sick child) and I'm not 100% either - I have some kind of ongoing stomach issue (probably same as Phoebe). I knew something was wrong around mile 4, when my water bottle felt awkward and heavy and I kept having to switch hands. I never normally even notice I've got it. Then my whole core and stomach started feeling stiff and tight. I ate a ginger remedy and that helped the stomach some.

Need to just move on to the next race now, and try to remember the lessons learned.