Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Thing Is Done - I’m Halfway

I had a great and memorable day and I was exhausted after. I’m halfway to a hundred. I plan to keep up the pace for as long as I can. Use it or lose it is the saying.

Here’s the Challenge breakdown. For those wanting a blow by blow account that will follow. As you can see some tasks were accomplished, some not:

Half Ironman Triathlon Check
Pickle Juice 1 out of 5 (no excuse)
Rendezvous with friends at NXNW Check
Beer drinking 2 pints and 1 can (of target 5, no excuse)
Cars washed Zero (flat out refused to do it)
Gardening Too dark
Pizza slices eaten Five – check
Bags of crisps eaten 1 pkt of 5 (forgot to buy them)
Cup cakes made 50 (cheated - Norma and Phoebe did it)
Cup cakes eaten 2 of 5
Violin playing At least 5 minutes – check
Talking about my work At least 5 minutes - check
Reading of bedtime story Check (although much less than 50 mins)
Taekwondo forms Clean forgot – chalk that up to senility
Reading of Shakespeare None – no excuse
Push ups and sit ups Too tired
Knitting None – brain too addled to follow pattern
Bird species seen and positively identified 8 (of target 25)

Looking at it another way I:

Got up at 3.30 am, ate breakfast, rode in the van with Andrew to Travis County Expo Center, got bodymarked and organized gear in 2 transition areas, sat around freezing, swam 1.2 miles, biked 56 miles, ran 13.1 miles, picked up gear ate a bag of crisps, drank a pickle juice, rode in the van to NXNW doing birdwatching (got 8 species), drank 2 pints Hefeweissen, hung out with friends, rode home in van, picked up pizzas, hung out with friends at party #2, ate 5 slices of pizza, drank a can of Fat Tire, played several tunes on the violin, admired the fantastic job Norma and Phoebe did with the cupcakes, enjoyed my Happy Birthday song with candles, ate 2 cupcakes, did a Powerpoint show about me being a geologist, told people there was no way I’d wash their cars, read a bedtime story to everyone, said good bye to guests, put Phoebe to bed………and ran out of steam.

Thanks to all who came to the parties to help celebrate and to those who sent well wishes before and after. And most of all to my family, who helped, encouraged and supported this piece of self-indulgence. And well done to Andrew who did a great time – a PR by a lot - and who did all the driving and picked up my bike at the end.

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